V5 Beta Comparison Video

See the difference in how @gnatonthewall (5’1” -3 ape index) and @ccyee4 (5’6” +1 ape index) compare on this boulder climb!

-Difference 1: Nat has to use a high left foot first (up to her belly button!) then gets the left hand Chris uses a left heel hook on the starting hold and can just reach the next left hand

-Difference 2: Nat matches hands on the half pad pinch and gets the right foot higher , then does the lock off (makes the lock off shorter in length) Chris uses the intermediate just as a bump, then does a massive lock off from the giant right hand hold all the way to the far left hold.

Even though Chris’s height may not be considered that tall - the 5 inch difference between the two climbers definitely called for different beta. There was no physical way Nat could’ve done the same lock off as Chris, so instead she had to find another way. In the case for this climb, dynamic movement was not as forced for the shorter climber. Nat was able to complete the climb completely static because the feet options were plenty and usable! Thanks @ccyee4 and @gnatonthewall for the demo! .

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