Community Member Spotlight : Mei N.

Let's welcome MEI NAGASAKO @mn1516 with a SMILE ! -

If y'all don't know who she is, she SUUUUUPA strong, positive, and overall such a wonderful person!We interviewed her to find out more!

How tall are you? Ape index?

•5 foot! or 153cm, and I think I have a bit of plus ape index, but I'm not sure.

How long have you been climbing for? 

•Since I was 10 and I am now 24 so about 15 years? But I climbed casually and for fun for 12-13 years, and I started training 2 years ago.

What got you into climbing? 

•I would say that I have 2 moments when I got into climbing. At first, it was just fun to hang out with friends and climb with my dad when I first started. Second one, I really got motivated to be a better climber and started training when I started coaching youth competitive team 2 years ago.

What are some of the struggles you face while climbing? 

•Mentality! I got over struggles I had with my heights, but I still have a lot of commitment issues while projecting. It is mostly coming from me thinking "that move will be too intense" "what if I fall, land wrong and get injured" "what if I slip" even though I have not really been injured from climbing before.haha

What is your career like?

•Like what I do? I work at a climbing gym in Toronto, Canada. Half of my shifts are route setting, the rest is either teaching lessons or supervising the gym. In near future, I am moving back to Japan and will be working for the climbing gym!

Do you enjoy any other hobbies besides climbing?

•Nothing specific! I like learning languages, so that could be one. I want to learn French, German and maybe Mandarin, Cantonese… too many languages I'm interested in to list them all here.

How did you get to your level of climbing that you’re at now? Do you do any training?

•I have trained 1-3 times a week for the past year ish, but I stopped about a month ago and I have been just climbing  4-6 times a week now😅I was always climbing around V4-6 at my home gym before I started training, then I started training occasionally when I realized that I was missing some strength to pass the level I was in. I wasn't able to do a single pushup properly when I first started training(very embarrasing, but it's true), but I kept working on it and got to where I am, I guess.

What is Team Suuuuupastrong?

•We are a bunch of friends who like to climb together!

Any future climbing events coming up that you’ll be attending?

•Nothing for sure, but I am trying to tag along Kaito and attend some competitions in the US! Please let me know if any of you have recommendations. 10. What advice can you give to all the shorty climbers out there? •Height really doesn't matter how good you can be! Be creative, positive, and believe yourself you are taller than you are. Once you start working on finding your own ways to do your projects, you'll start enjoying your height!!

11. Any other special words you would like to say to our short and sweet community?

•Thank you for providing me such an amazing opportunity to share my thoughts!

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