Community Member Spotlight: Ellie S.

Some of you might’ve met Ellie at our meet-ups but here we get to know more about her! What are some of the struggles you face while climbing? •I constantly struggle with thoughts of "I can't do it", "this is too scary", "I'm too short" too often and end up holding myself back. In the majority of those situations, being able to fall back on good technique, strong mental strength, abundant creativity, and straight up stubbornness will get me through 95% of those situations. How about when you aren’t climbing? •In March 2019, I broke my right ankle (tib fib) while bouldering at Red Rock, NV. I'm still navigating how to mentally and physically overcome the setback. What got you into climbing? •My friend at the time brought me climbing on a not-date-date and I was HOOKED. Every time I would go climbing after that, I wouldn't stop until I had two flappers. Can you tell us about some of the other hobbies you enjoy besides climbing? •Too many things. I bake and decorate cakes, do photography, write poetry/short stories, create youtube videos called Short Person Tall Person Beta, run an Etsy store, go backpacking, camping... How long have you been climbing for? •4.5 years! How tall are you? •4'10" with a 0 ape index What are your climbing goals? •Before my next birthday, I want to be eligible to take the Single Pitch Instructor assessment, which requires me to trad lead 40 5.6+ routes. What is your favorite moment in climbing? •I competed in my local gym's bouldering league and I remember there was a climb where I was 2 inches away from the final hold... on my last attempt, I remember everyone in the bouldering area stopped to cheer me on. In the end, I didn't send it but everyone was so supportive. Who do you think we should feature next? •I'm a huge fan of @_mn1516 and @_alinaalbert_ ! Any special words you can say to our awesome community? •Being a petite climber is great. We constantly have to think of alternative beta to climb something which makes us stronger and more technical. Don't let people discount your height just because you can climb something they can't! We're badass!

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