Community Member Spotlight: Desmond Gee

You might've met him at our last Saturday meet-up or seen him around at @studioclimbing in San Jose. Say hello if you see him!

1. How long have you been climbing for?

• Almost 3 years

2. How tall are you? Ape index (if you know yours)

• 5’3, zero ape!

3. What are some of the struggles you face while climbing?

• Everything! Reaching holds, balancing on my toes, finger strength, jumping coordination.. you name it!

4. How about when you aren’t climbing?

• finger flexibility(got finger injury that won’t heal), leg flexibility, back flexibility, finding tasty food, etc.

5. What got you into climbing?

• a coworker who is crazy good at climbing teamed up with another coworker and I got peer-pressured into climbing despite me being relatively out of shape. I ended up liking it and eventually picked it up on my own!

6. Can you tell us about some of the other hobbies you enjoy besides climbing?

• I’m into anime and some light novels. I do some beginner level capoeira and tricking. My climbing style might show some influence... Also, I want to make awesome games and apps in the future.

7. How did you get to your level of climbing that you’re at now?

• experimentation and persistence! Keep at it, be smart at what you do and you can generally get relatively good at anything.

8. (Optional) What is your career like?

• software engineer. Staring at computer screens and working that bad posture and stuff.

9. Any future climbing events coming up that you’ll be attending?

• Boulderfield Master’s comp on 9/21 and will try to make it to Saturday PA climbs if I am free!

10. Who do you think we should feature next?

• Allan, or Austin who got me into climbing, or one of the strong females in the group! I want to know how everyone got to where they are!

11. Any special words you can say to our awesome community?

• Keep climbing and be confident. Petites excel at being lightweight. It means lower stress on tendons so we should theoretically be able to do crazier moves. Lets take advantage and become awesome and maybe extra...

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