8/30 Pumped Up Petite Party Event Recap

(Photos can be found here tinyurl.com/8-30EventPhotos) Courtesy of Alex Shen

First of all, I want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who attended the event last Friday at @dogpatchboulders !

There was a total of approximately 30-40 attendees and I am just completely blown away by how fast this community has grown and how much support it has. This page / community would not be possible without everyone (who attended or is supporting from a distance)!

Next, a very special thank you to @ccyee4 @actalvarez @michael_deza @rocketnessa @rocketboi336 @liveaslaura for all the help during the night of the event. I would not have been able to do this without them.

Last but not least, the raffle giveaway would have not been possible without our awesome event supporters:

@madrockhq @madrockclimbing @v18rentals @dynamitestarfish @crag_to_crux @cactus_n_pine @baboonoutdoors @rogueclimbing @ladycrushcrew @majesstica_ @tiny_holds @staticclimbing

Our winners were as follows:

(3) Majesstica Sticker Pack + MadRock Chalklate Bar : Shirley, Esra, Bri McG

(3) Tiny Holds Accessory + MadRock Chalklate Bar : Ellese, Rose, May

Cactus n Pine Production Sticker Pack : Aurora

Cactus n Pine Production Beta Tank : Priscilla

Lady Crush Crew Tank : Jessica Y.

Static Climbing Traveler Chalk Bag: April

(Black) Rogue Climbing T-shirt: Audrey

(2) Petite Ascension Crop Top Any size/color : Ellie & Alyssa (gave prize to Aurora)

Dynamite Starfish Gift Certificate : Amira

(3) V18 Rentals $40 Gift Certificate : Nessie, Christine, Jennifer

Mad Rock Grand Prize Any model shoe / Any size : Ashlyn

The night was filled with a plethora of everyone meeting new friends or reconnecting with familiar faces, good vibes, fun challenges and community.

We also held a Toura top demo from @aretbasewear and which some ladies already wore theirs to the meet up!

The #PetiteAscensionChallenge was something fun, educational, and social for all attendees to enjoy and participate in.

I have read each and every PA Challenge sheet that was turned in and here are some of the answers from

Question #9. Name one or more ways we can help make the world a better place:

Make random compliments to other people!

Be kind & smile to others.. you get what you give in life

Reduce plastic use / Invest in reusable things


Leave no trash behind. Pick up your mess.

I would like to stop discrimination for a solid start.

Reusable straws! Taking public transportation!

Stop using plastic.

Make friends with people we wouldn't otherwise

Keep providing chances for us petite climbers to meet and crush together

Be accountable for your actions

Be the change you want to see

Use only 1 paper towel to dry your hands

Bring more groups of climbers together


Be kind to strangers and keep in mind everyone has their own unique story

Stop using single use plastic!

Be environmentally conscious and encourage other to do the same

Consuming less in general! Zero waste & be kind

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Loving each other

Get together and promote climbing

Be empathetic

Have sharp awareness & educate yourself

Spread as much positivity in the world as you can, exude it to make up for all the negativity

Be kinder to one another

More climbing and support for one another

The #BaboonPinchChallenge womxn winner @brennana_bread (1m 3s) and (official men winner Alan 2m 11s but was no where to be found to claim the tank top so Colins was next on the list!

At the end of the night, we all gathered for a fun photo from “shortest to tallest” in height.

With 4’10” far left and 5’6” on the far right, it was so awesome to celebrate being petite and proud!

@climbingwalrus wrote her take on the event that night and also brought up something that happened (check her most recent post for the full details).


"In lining up in height order, it felt like we were celebrating our shared height together. I felt amazed and proud that there were so many petite climbers all in this one space. Suddenly, a tall (~5'10"+) white guy jumped into the end of the line right next to me and was laughing to himself. One of his friends nearby jokingly said, “for comparison” as he looked on at what his friend was doing. It felt so terrible. Afterwards, I spoke to a friend about it and she said it really well -- “this space was not intended for him.” . In his actions, I felt like all that intent for celebration was damaged and that we were being humiliated for his entertainment. Look, we all know we are short. We live it every single day. People are relentless in pointing it out. We are humiliated for it to the point of us needing trivialize it. WE KNOW WE ARE SHORT. . For me, the meetup symbolized a space where we didn’t have to make excuses for why we couldn’t make that next bouldering move. It was a space for us to gather and just simply be people to share our experiences and strengths together without having to think about height as a factor. . As much as this bothered me, it was a great instance of a learning experience and I hope it can be for you too. For anyone who wants to support any kind of group especially if you’re not the target demographic here’s a suggestion: Help open up spaces without taking them over and when in doubt, ask permission or clarification. "


Petite Ascension’s demographics are aimed at shorter climbers.

I’ve been asked “what size is considered small?”

The answer for this community is, there is NO height / gender restriction and all are welcome!

But I want the community to be as respectful and considerate towards one another as much as possible, so that we can enjoy what brought us here.. climbing!

What do you think are some ways people can be better and more considerate/respectful of these kinds of spaces?

Drop some wisdom in the comments!

The next casual meet up and climb will be THIS upcoming Saturday at 10am! See y’all there!

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