A Community Like No Other

When the average male height in the US is 5'9" and your height stands below that, there are many struggles on and off the wall.

Petite Ascension welcomes all to join our community that provides as a support group to those climbers who identify themselves as "short" or "petite". We do not exclude or discriminate against any. So if you're tall, short, or average sized, we welcome you all to be a part of or an ally to the community!

Here at Petite Ascension. we highlight the struggles of being a smaller climber, compare short vs tall beta, include training tips, motivational & inspirational posts, discussions, host meet ups, giveaways and everything else in between!

Join the journey to Fly to the Top!


Do you have an upcoming event? Or any content you'd like to share with the community? Send us a message, we'd love to see how we can support and spread the word!