We want thank everyone who’s stopped by our table over the weekend!!!

👫 On Friday evening, we rendezvoused with up Planet Granite members in the Presidio 💞

We introduced our new toy - the Hand Dynamometer! 👋🏼

Highest score for Friday night was Male 177lbs and Female 103lbs 💥 🌈

On Saturday, we joined in on the Grand Opening Party down in Santa Clara

Between both days, we measured SO many heights and ape indexes - we can’t even begin to measure how many!! 🤣
The most positive ape index: +6”
The most negative ape index: -3”
The biggest ape index: 6’10”

Our power gripper for Male pulled 191lbs and for Female was 105lbs! 🦓 Verb Energy @verbenergyco provided their awesome 90 cal, cup-of-espresso packed energy bars for both events!

Last but not least, thank you to the Planet Granite fam and staff for all the warm welcomes and for having us!! 🥰 of the year and also help you give back to our awesome club. Contact us to learn more about the variety we have available and to place your order today.


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